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Break It Down

Have you ever taken a dance lesson?  or tried to learn how to play an instrument?  When you see or hear the experts dancing or playing, a common response is "I could never to do that. It seems so complex and seems to take years of practice and probably requires some skill one needs to be born with."  But that's not necessarily true.
Dance teachers always start with the basics and once students are comfortable, move on. Most training professionals know that learning something new is nothing more than learning how to break a seemingly complex task down into small, comprehensible steps and building in tons of practice.  Then, when learners are comfortable with the basics, add on another level of information.
As a trainer and technical writer (and dancer), this is a mantra for me, especially when I am learning new and often complex content.  I don't get overwhelmed. Instead, I work with the experts to repeat, decipher, explain differently the information they know until it makes sense to me.  Then I put myself in the shoes of the learner to help me decide how to translate, simplify and  "chunk" the information, as well as where to build in a practice.
My firm belief is that anything can be learned, assuming (the trainer) has access to experts, knows how to ask good questions, and most importantly, can break it down, allowing learners to learn. 

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From a while I have been taking the special classes of dancing and now I have got perfection on my moves. In the starting period I have to face many problems but now I am really getting over them easily.
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I totally agree with you that everything can be learned. Base on my personal experience, when I was a kid, I do not know how to draw anything even a simple tree or a house. So what I did is that I always ask help with my father to draw something for me. But then, at the back of my head, I always wanted to draw something with my own hands so that I can visualize and draw what I always imagined. The eagerness of me wanting to draw something helps me in learning how to draw and now, I can draw better and paint. People around me usually associate me as an artist. You see, if we really want something to happen, it will. We just need to be passionate about it.
Reply to comment on Wednesday, April 17, 2019 6:25 PM
I guess I am too old for these lessons. Maybe I am wrong. I need to think about it.
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essay shark on Monday, May 20, 2019 3:59 AM
Breaking down the big problem into small makes the things better because when you finally solve the small one or piece of it you can just continue doing it until you solve all the problems. I am also a dancer, singer and performer right now; I study every technique step by step or little by little until I master it and afterward I am moving forward on another technique that can really help me. This attitude makes me a good dancer and singer just keep doing and practicing.
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Yeah, me an my wife took dance lessons together 2 years ago at the local community recreation center.. It was an introduction to ballroom dance.
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I believe that we can learn everything - playing an instrument, dancing like a star, singing. But we often forget it. Your post inspired me on playing ukulele. Thanks! I will definitely share the result here.
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You are completely right that most training professionals know that learning something new is nothing more than learning how to break a seemingly complex task down into small.
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I so like dancing but I was so embarassed to take dance classes I don't know why
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I used to take dance lessons when I was at school, and I also played the piano. Both experiences were great but unfortunately, I wasn't visiting those dance classes for too long.
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