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Break It Down

Have you ever taken a dance lesson?  or tried to learn how to play an instrument?  When you see or hear the experts dancing or playing, a common response is "I could never to do that. It seems so complex and seems to take years of practice and probably requires some skill one needs to be born with."  But that's not necessarily true.
Dance teachers always start with the basics and once students are comfortable, move on. Most training professionals know that learning something new is nothing more than learning how to break a seemingly complex task down into small, comprehensible steps and building in tons of practice.


On 6/28, the Greater Boston ASTD chapter held a networking social to celebrate the end of a successful year.  Around 50 people showed up at Margarita's in Waltham looking for jobs, people to fill jobs, new clients or just a chance to talk to fellow training professionals.
There was a lot of energy as people pulled themselves out of corners to connect with like-minded folks and most people came away with pockets fulls of business cards! (and not just their own)
Networking is the most reliable way to get your name and face and business card out there.  The next morning, I had several follow up emails and potential connections.  A little bit of effort creates so much cross-pollination and potential for achieving your goals.  It's work but it always pays off!


First of all, I'd like to welcome everyone to my new company website and thanks for visiting.  This is my first adventure into controlling my own website content and design and I love it!
My blog will contain postings of events and my personal insights on training, performance improvement and anything else related to helping people do their jobs. 
For starters, we have an upcoming Greater Boston ASTD end-of-the-year social on Tuesday evening, June 28th.  We have invited all local ASTD chapters and are looking forward to this relaxing celebration at Margarita's in Waltham, 6 - 9 pm.